Your wedding day is going to be filled with special memories. Ultimately you want the atmosphere to be a reflection of you, of your partner in life, of your family and your friends.

Here are some of the ways you can use music to create beautiful, memorable moments, that reflect who you are as a couple.

Request a song you both love

Whether it be to walk down the aisle, the bridal party entry or your first dance, you can pick a song for us to learn. In fact, you can pick more than one.

You can mix and match styles as well. Really like the song ‘Everlong’ by the Foo Fighters, but think it might be a little heavy for your First Dance? You can decide to turn it into a slow acoustic version instead.

We love your suggestions. There are song gems we wouldn’t know were out there if it weren’t for you. Our favourite discovery so far has been ‘Northern Wind’ by City and Colour. A little on the down side, but sooo beautiful.

Unique recording of your wedding song

You get to look back at photos from your wedding day, so why not listen back to your wedding song? Dance to it time and time again.

You’l be provided with a studio quality recording. There’s a really nice element of surprise hearing your song for the first time on your wedding day. However, if you would prefer to have the recording beforehand – let’s say to practice your First Dance, we can provide it up to a month before your wedding date.

Request a song you both love for your first dance

Singing ‘Ave Maria’ (the Beyonce version) as beautiful bride, Casey, walks down the aisle. Mount Lofty House, December 2014

Serenade each other

Not much of a dancer? – neither are we (that’s why we’re musicians!). How would you like to sing to each other instead?

We’ll provide you with two practice recordings of your chosen song – one with singing and one without. There’s even the option of rehearsing with us. We can even give you a few pointers, so you can really sing your heart out.

Take advantage of professional advice

We want your music to be a reflection of you. But we’re not afraid to tell you if we think something won’t work – like you pick all the depressing songs from our 90s collection (it’s happened before). I was a 90s kid, so I get the nostalgia thing, but c’mon – it’s meant to be a happy day!

But seriously, we’ll help you every step of the way. From our initial face to face meeting, to ongoing phone and email communication.

We’ll liase with venue about all the boring stuff like space requirements, power supply, wet weather options…everything you never wanted to think about!

Give us a call. We’re very competitively priced, but before we do the whole quote thing, we want to make sure that we’re the right fit for your wedding.

Enquire about our packages today

Services include:

  1. – Acoustic duo or solo performance, available for ceremony and reception
  2. – Learning song requests e.g. aisle, signing, bridal party entry, first dance
  3. – Top of the line PA system. Lighting and wireless microphone for MC and speeches
  4. – DJ service (you may also request the music)
  5. – Tailored set lists
  6. – Face to face consultation, and ongoing phone and email consultation
  7. – Bride and Groom ‘First Duet’. Includes rehearsal